︎ I go by Kim :-) I work as a graphic designer in Brooklyn, NY at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. I received my BFA in 2015 from The City College of New York (CUNY). Please inquire for a full CV!

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Selected projects

Kyle Marshall Choreography

Kyle Marshall is a celebrated choreographer and dance performer. I designed and built a new site for Kyle’s company!
Site design

︎︎︎ KM Choreography


Illustrations for a poster for CAAAV, a long-standing org in Chinatown, NYC that advocates for working class and low-income Asian immigrants.

Poster designed by Jeffrey Louie
︎︎︎ CAAAV

Imagine your pain as a shape

A catalog of capitalist reimaginings of the yin yang
Self-published zine
3.75 × 5.375in
58 pages


Illustration for the identity for BAM’s annual Halloween block party!

Annie Heath | Heath in Progress

Annie Heath | Heath in Progress is a choreographer and dancer based in Brooklyn, New York. I designed and built a site that showcases her practice and the breadth of her work.
Site design

︎︎︎ Annie Heath


Updates to come!

For the first time in 42 years, BAM’s DanceAfrica festival went completely online. With shelter-in-place in effect in NYC, we brought this decades-long tradition into our audiences’ homes with a virtual bazaar, a DJed Zoom dance party, remote talks with BAM’s Charmaine Warren, and livestreamed classes and screenings.

Festival design

Motion design by Kaitlyn Chandler
Creative direction by Andrew Sloat


A mark for the mutual aid baking project my friend, Dev Montanez, runs in Bloomington, Indiana

︎︎︎ Mtn.Dev

Love from BAM, phase 2

Love from BAM was introduced in March 2020 as a newsletter sharing BAM’s virtual content with audiences in light of New York’s shelter-in-place rules. Kayla Battle illustrated the identity for the first part of Love from BAM emphasizing unity across the distance of quarantine. As NYC businesses slowly reopened over the summer of 2020, the Love from BAM illustrations shifted to reflect people reintroducing themselves to Brooklyn and the outdoors.
Illustration, design

Phase 1 illustrations by Kayla Battle
Creative direction by Andrew Sloat

“We’re Finally Winning the Battle Against Conversion Therapy”

Illustration for The New York Times
Words by Sam Brinton
Art direction by Jim Datz
Mar 12, 2020
Editorial illustration

This Week at BAM

This Weekend at BAM is a rundown of programming at BAM every weekend, developed for Instagram Stories. Tapping takes you through BAM’s programming itinerary for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Content strategy by Sam Polcer

“A Lot of Candidates May Make It Seem Like Democracy Is Working, But It Isn’t”

Illustration for The New York Times
Words by Larry M. Bartels
Art direction by Nathan Huang
Jun 25, 2019
Editorial illustration

Down With the Year of the Woman

Illustration for The New York Times
Words by Amy Chozick
Art direction by Nathan Huang
Oct 18, 2018
Editorial illustration

Pinned Down? Rise Up!

The “PINS” (Person In Need of Supervision) program is a legal process that introduces a young person to the criminal justice system, and which can cause immediate and long-term harm to young people and their families by increasing the likelihood of detentions and out-of-home placements. We collaborated with CUP and CCFY to design a poster that illuminates the downfalls of the PINS process and empowers families to consider community-based alternatives to PINS for their young people.
Design, illustration

In collaboration with The Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) and Community Connections for Youth (CCFY) as part of CUP’s 2017 Making Policy Public program. Designed with Jeffrey Louie.

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Amplify(Her) is the first zine by and for undocumented women of the Asian diaspora. We designed and illustrated this zine around submissions from artists and writers, working directly with RAISE and DRUM organizers. Amplify(Her) was launched in September 2016 at the Asian American Writers’ Workshop, with readings by contributors and editors of the zine.

In collaboration with Asian American Legal Defense Fund (AALDEF)’s undocumented youth program, RAISE; and DRUM South Asian Organizing Center. Designed with Jeffrey Louie.

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